arrivederci 2015

Arrivederci 2015

This year has been one for the books. I left the sunny coast of Santa Barbara, good friends and an amazing church family and moved home to Denver, Colorado, my blood family and a lot of snow. it has been quite the adjustment ... Y'all its cold here and I have found that I am never dressed accordingly for the weather. I might be a CO native but I have CA running through my veins :) ... otherwise known as thin blood, I am working on that. 

2015 has brought a sweet rhythm to life, I have been blessed with amazing new friendships, a thriving business, I started shooting medium format film this year and I am in love. I have traveled to some amazing places with my camera in hand. I went back to California several times, ventured to Texas for the first time and met some dear friends in the wedding world, I lost myself in the Caribbean islands and saw and explored my new city of Denver.  I have seen the Lord provide all of this and more in crazy ways. I am so humbled to look back over the last 365 days because... y'all it has been an adventure, one that I am so thankful for, one that I give glory to the Lord for, because He knows what my heart desires and He blesses me with abundantly more then I can hope or ask for.  

Thank you to all the couples that invited me into their lives. I am humbled and blessed that I had the privilege of capturing your stories on film. 

With upcoming trips and clients in California, North Carolina, New York City and ITALY!!! I can't wait to see ALL that 2016 has in store ... I have a feeling it will be even greater then the last. 

So wth only 3 days left of this fabulous year ... arrivederci 2015 and Ciao 2016 I'm just practicing my Italian ;)