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Rachel Mansi

I am an avid health and fitness guru, an abstract thinker, and deeply in love with all things fashion, fitness and nutrition. I grew up playing soccer and trained rigidly every day, year after year.  In 9th grade, my Dad started taking me to a nutritionist to capitalize on my training efforts with a good nutritious and balanced diet for athletes.  My love for nutrition and fitness began an infinite rise upward.  However, my health journey has been a bumpy one.  I fell victim to Hypothyroidism at 19 years old after attending a rigorous 2 year fashion course at FIDM in Los Angeles.  Due to my stressful schedule, heavy workload, and very little sleep, my thyroid gave out.  Not only was my fashion career being born, but unbeknownst to me, by way of my health battle, my nutrition and fitness career was evolving as well.  I set out to create a brand that encompassed all my passions.