Art for heARTS sake 

Breathing life and heart back into the way you run and live your business

This year’s b. schwartz retreat Fall 2018 will be focused on equipping women to cultivate a wholistic method to photography and business. Through this wholehearted approach, attendees will learn how to cultivate a life that invigorates their business.  

The goal of this retreat is to teach how to meaningfully invest in your business and launch into a new season of success. During this three day workshop attendees will hear from speakers and industry professionals on a variety of themes including: health and wellness, business branding and marketing, and personal development. For more information please see our FAQ.

Becky Schwartz has over a decade of experience and was classically trained at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California. She has a passion for living life richly. By refusing to compartmentalize her life, she weaves meaningful relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and life’s little luxuries into a balanced base for her business.